E. dyerianus

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E. dyerianus

$18,000.00 $14,000.00  /  0.22752 Ƀ

E. dyerianus, also known as the Lillie Cycad or Lowveld Cycad, grows in open shrubland and grassland on slopes of a single low granite hill in the Limpopo Province, at an altitude of 700 meters.

The stem reaches 4 m in height to 60 cm in diameter. The leaves are long 140-170 cm, blue-matte silver colour, slightly inclined. The stem is straight and equipped with up to six pins. The leaves are 17-24 cm long and 13-18 mm wide. They are equipped with toothed edges and are inserted into the leaf forming angles of 45-80°. At the base of the leaf, the leaflets are reduced to thorns. The spine is normally straight and stiff, but can occur sometimes slightly twisted.

Male cones are ovoid blue-green or yellow of 30-50 cm in length and 9-12 cm in diameter, and female cones are ovoid blue-green or yellow of 30-60 cm in length for 10-20 cm in diameter.

The seeds are elongated, with size 40-45 mm for 25-30 mm, with a yellow or orange-brown colour.

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